Student Assemblies

The PTA has two impactful student assemblies planned for March and April of this year, for all grades.


On March 16, LVMS students will hear from Gian Paul Gonzalez, a former NCAA First Team All-American Forward from Montclair University. He is widely recognized for inspiring the New York Giants to their 2012 Super Bowl Victory with his "All In" phrase. His assembly will inspire hope through the power of commitment, being "all-in". To learn more, click here


On April 6th, Artist and Speed Painter Martina Hahn, will create a speed-painting portrait of a well-known historical or contemporary figure. Each grade will have its own program -- Grade 6- Einstein, Grade 7- Maya Angelou, Grade 8- Lady Gaga -- and will include engaging interactions with the students in form of a question and answer game and doodling on the canvas. The underlying intent is to bring these famous people closer to the students by pointing out every-day struggles and failures of each, and not just focusing on the accomplishments they are known for. Real people, real struggles, average backgrounds, total drive and focus success! Learn more here.