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Student Assemblies

​​The PTA is pleased to offer LVMS students two impactful assemblies this February and April of 2023.

On February 8th, students will celebrate Black History Month in a unique way with Drum Cafe USA. All grades will experience this all-inclusive, non-competitive rhythm, song and dance session taught by master musicians from Guinea & Ivory Coast during school. We can't wait for our students to share this fun, informative, and authentically West African performance and experience! 

On April 11, 7th and 8th graders will enjoy "The Signature Project" assembly; (previously seen by our 6th graders). The Signature Project is a huge 76 ft. x 36 ft. mural painted not with brush strokes but with signatures; names signed by hundreds of thousands of people in a spectrum of colors. Artist and performer Patrick Dunning brings the mural to life through story and live multimedia performance.

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